We're Moving Abroad!

So we're packing our bags and moving to Europe! I should clarify, we're moving ourselves over to Europe. And with just our packed bags! And not the English speaking part of Europe. We will be living in The Czech Republic and traveling all around from there. So it's going to be exhilarating! And I'll be honest, I know little of what to expect and that's kind of the best part. 

Scott recently started his own consulting business, a pursuit long in the works, and has been grinding away at building that over the past many months. We will move the company over with us and he will work with clients internationally. Liam and Ella will go to a Czech school a few blocks from our home so they can be immersed in the culture and pick up the language quickly. They start September 16th and have their backpacks and school supplies packed up and waiting at our place in Europe! They've been homeschooled up until this point, so the novelty and mystery of going to school has them, albeit a little nervous, but mostly very excited. Edith will start pre-school and being the ham and whiz she is, will do fabulously I'm sure. And I have started a travel and wellness lifestyle blog! Here it is! Lydia is my full-time assistant. I can't wait to put my hard work and focus into it! Pursing adventures and journaling our experiences.

We will live in Brno, the second largest city in The Czech Republic. Kind of like a smaller version of Prague, except unlike Prague, English speaking is minimal, so learning the language will be essential. Scott is a fluent speaker. The kids have been exposed to it and have a minimal level of proficiency. I, on the other hand, will need a lot of work. It's a slavic language, so getting over the pronunciation is a challenge in and of itself. I've made Scott promise me a tudor so I can be out making friends sooner rather than later.

This is a dream we've had, and a goal we have worked fervently toward since Liam and Ella, who are now 7, were babies.  Scott went through years of painstaking effort to get his Czech citizenship.  There were a lot of technicalities getting in the way and making the process unusually difficult, but he persevered through all the bureaucracy of it and finally came out on the other side! Slowly but surely efforts of one goal and then the next were realized, and finally we have reached the day where the move is only a leap of faith away!

So leaping we are! We leave in a little over a month and we can't wait! But I am also a little freaked out at the impending date and our chore list, which is at odds with our last month's bucket list. We will have an Estate Sale company come the week before we move and sell off all of our things.  They will setup our home like a store and put everything up for sale while we stay away.  They keep some of the money, we keep the rest, and the bulk of our stuff is gone. Fabulous!

So the rest of the summer is California bucket list time! In our last month we have a roadtrip through Mexico scheduled for my first blog series, a staycation in Newport Beach, friends to visit, and beaches to enjoy, and a wee bit of packing before it's bon voyage!